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Qualities of Live Maine Lobster vs. Other Lobsters

Cooked Maine Lobster

There's a reason why Maine lobster is a 500 million dollar industry

Live Maine lobster is superior to almost any other type of lobster in terms of taste and texture. Because of this, Maine lobster is a highly sought-after seafood. 

Not all that long ago, lobsters were so plentiful that they were mainly eaten by the poor. In fact, Maine lobster was common prison fare, until inland demand and transport advancements changed all that. 

If you're looking to purchase some lobster for your table, it's important that you know the difference between live Maine lobster and other types of lobster. Otherwise, you might be disappointed in the quality and taste of the meat. 

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Maine lobster vs other lobster species. 

Tougher Shells

Maine lobsters are classified as cool water lobsters. Because they live on the cold Maine waters, their shells are thicker and tougher than their warm water counterparts, such as California or Australian lobster.

Although hard-shell lobsters are tougher to crack, they are generally a better buy. 

Firstly, soft-shell lobster meat tends to contain a higher water content, which will cook off and leave you with less meat. What's more, soft-shell lobsters also aren't suitable for grilling.

If you want to try your hand at a grilled lobster recipe, then you will definitely want to purchase Maine lobsters, or other cold water, hard-shell lobsters, such as the Canadian lobster. 

Sweeter Meat

When compared to other species, the Maine lobster also has sweeter meat. Once again, this is thanks to the cold waters it lives in. 

Coldwater lobsters are known for their sweeter, more flavorful, and succulent meat. Although warm water species are also tasty, they lack that signature sweetness that Maine lobster is famous for. 

Better Texture

Along with a superior, sweeter taste, Maine lobster meat also has a better texture than warm water lobsters species. Lobsters from warm sea areas aren't nearly as succulent as Maine lobster. 

For instance, the California lobster has a tough and less rich texture. When it comes to Australian lobster, while it is slightly sweeter in taste it has a decidedly dense texture. 

Lastly, although Canadian lobster is probably the closest in taste and texture to Maine lobster (as it, too, comes from cold waters), it also has a denser meat. 

Thanks to their sweet taste and succulent texture, Maine lobster is ideal for just about any lobster recipe.

It's also a prime ingredient choice for things like lobster rolls, as the chunky texture lends itself to being eaten cold, and ensures that you won't have to deal with toughness or coarseness. 

Larger Claws

A further advantage to Maine lobster is they have large claws. Also known as spiny lobster, warm water lobsters don't have claws, which means you get less meat out of them. 

In contrast, the claws on a Maine lobster are generally so large you can make a meal of them alone! Lobster claw meat is also some of the tastiest and sweetest. 

More Lobster Meat

Thanks to their large claws, Maine lobsters yield more meat than spiny lobsters. 

Besides having larger claws, Maine lobsters also have fatter tails. In comparison, spiny lobsters, also termed rock lobsters, don't have any useable meat besides in the tail. This is why rock lobsters are served as tails only. 

Keen to start learning how to cook lobster tails? If so, we stock premium Maine lobster tails that are flash-frozen to ensure freshness and maximum flavor. 

Live Maine Lobster Is as Fresh As It Gets

Another key difference between the Maine lobster and warm water, rock lobsters is that Maine lobsters are typically sold live. 

If you are in search of fresh seafood, live Maine lobster is about as fresh as it gets. 

Maine lobsters are usually cooked whole. To preserve the freshness and quality of the lobster meat, most reputable online sellers ship their lobsters live to their customers. 

This doesn't mean, however, that you can't get frozen Maine lobster. Lobster tails can be frozen without compromising the quality of the meat, which is why you can purchase frozen tails, both physically and online. 

You can also opt to buy pre-made products made from fresh Maine lobster meat. These include things like lobster rolls makings and bisque. 

Price Point

Because live Maine lobster yields tastier and more succulent meat, it is more sought after than rock lobster species. Therefore, it also commands a higher price.

However, this is justified, especially when you consider the lower water content. As mentioned above, spiny or rock lobster meat contains a far higher water content. This will cook out when prepared, leaving you with less lobster meat. 

Because Maine lobster has less water in its flesh, you will be left with a higher weight of cooked meat upon serving. You also have more flexibility in the way you prepare and serve Maine lobster, as you can choose to grill, bake, or broil it—something you generally can't do with thin-shelled lobster species. 

What's more, if you love lobster, the superior flavor and texture of live Maine lobster justifies its higher price tag. 

Lastly, if you are new to cooking lobster, Maine lobster is usually the better choice. Its premium quality meat means that you're likely to get better results when cooking it at home. 

Are You Looking for a Source of Premium Live Maine Lobster?

There's no denying that Maine lobster meat is the best of the best. With its succulent texture and sweet taste, you really can't beat Maine lobster. 

Are you looking to conveniently purchase live Maine lobster? If so, you are in the right place. 

Browse our range of pre-prepped and live Maine lobster today. Place your order and enjoy overnight, nationwide delivery straight to your door. 

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