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Damaged / Spoiled Products

Our commitment

At Order Maine Lobster we love seafood, particularly live lobster. Shocker I know, but it is true. We go to great lengths to insure they are handled, packaged, and shipped with the upmost care. So much so, that we guarantee your lobsters arrive fresh and alive on the delivery date you requested. All orders are shipped overnight to ensure you get the freshest product possible.

Keep in mind that weather plays a role, unfortunately, that is out of our control. When we see the potential for a weather delay, we will call and give you the option to delay the order. If you choose to have the order shipped anyhow, we cannot guarantee that order.

Now of course we understand things happen. Rest assured, no matter what the issue is, we will work to resolve any problem as quickly as possible.

Know that the instances of lobster loss are rare and that is because we take great care to pack them carefully, so they arrive alive and unharmed. If for any reason your lobsters do not arrive alive, we will reimburse you for the lobsters that didn’t make it. If the whole shipment is lost, we will provide a replacement for the entire order.

What we ask of you

Call us immediately or email us on the date of delivery We will need your order number and the best way to reach you.