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Live Maine Lobster

Live Lobster

Maine lobster is coveted as the best tasting lobster in the world and with good reason. The meat has a sweet flavor profile that is both smooth and soft to the bite. 

Overnight Shipping on all Orders

We understand how important it is that these happy crustaceans are delivered alive. That is why all orders are shipped overnight anywhere within the contiguous United States (by that we mean the lower 48).  No matter what state, this exquisite seafood will bring the tastes of Maine to your kitchen. Pick a date and have it delivered for that special occasion. To make things better, all orders ship overnight for only $34.99. So don't wait any longer. Order your live Maine lobster today and get it shipped to your doorstep tomorrow.

Healthy Antibiotic-Free Live Maine Lobsters

Are you into healthy eating? Then these fresh live lobsters are perfect for you. Caught in the wild Atlantic, they have no antibiotics or hormones, making them 100% natural.

Maine Lobster is Your Next Party Dish

Dazzle your guests with this easy to cook, yet highly sought-after dish. If you have a special event or party, fresh Maine lobster is an ideal option. Treat your guests to a genuine Maine experience by serving succulent Maine lobster. Have it delivered straight to your home, ready to be a part of heartfelt memories with loved ones.

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